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Monday, June 26, 2017
Botanical Name Triticum aestivum Kingdom Plantae Order Poales Family Poaceae Sub-Family Pooideae Tribe Triticeae Genus Triticum Species T. aestivum T aestivum or the Common wheat is the most primitive variety of wheat. It was cultivated around 4500 years ago in Western Asia from where it later spread to rest of Asia and Africa. It was later introduced to North America in sixteenth century by Spanish people. T aestivum is also told to be more resistant to...
Wheat is the most widely grown food crop in the world. Its seed is used as a staple food and has a high fiber and carbohydrate content. Due to its wide usage, many species of wheat have been developed and found in the world and which form the genus Triticum. The most widely grown variety of wheat is T. aestivum...
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